The Corporate Office, various Divisions and various Companies are managed by professional and experienced leadership with a diverse background.

Dato Seri Kenny Ong
Group Executive Chairman

Clarice ONG
Director of Group Finance and Treasury

Elysia ONG
Director of Group Corporate Strategy and Legal Affairs

OOI Lean Hin
Director of Priority Group of Companies

CHAN Huan Hin
Executive Director of Priority Synergy Sdn Bhd

MTT Properties & Development Sdn Bhd
Datin Seri Saisunee Ong
Executive Director

KHOO Teck Chong
Chief Executive Officer

Raymond QUAH
General Manager

Audrey ANG
Sales & Marketing Manager

Priority Synergy Sdn Bhd
Priority Cargo Sdn Bhd
Priority Bonded Warehouse Sdn Bhd
Executive Director, Priority Synergy

Regina LEE
General Manager, Priority Synergy

ONG Lip Chee
General Manager,Priority Cargo

General Manager, Business Development
General Manager, Priority Bonded Warehouse

Prince of Wales Island International School
Elysia ONG
Chief Executive Officer

Principal – Secondary

Principal – Primary

MTT Shipping Sdn Bhd
OOI Lean Hin
Managing Director

LEE Hock Saing
Director of Marketing

LEE Kong Siong
Director of Operations

YAP Bee Yong
Chief Financial Officer

Master WONG Kee Yee
Head of MIS & Applications/Processes

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