Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Vision & Mission and Corporate Values define who we are and how we should operate. They reflect the ethos which drive everything we do, strengthening our identity at every company and every level within the MTT Group.

Corporate Vision & Mission

To create values for clients, employees and shareholders,
through the enhancements of quality of life and humanity.


Corporate Values


To hold strongly at the heart and practise consistency of principles, values, characters, behaviours and actions,through the cultivation of strong moral principles.

  • Leadership shall lead with integrity.
  • Products shall be marketed and delivered to clients with integrity, honouring commitments.
  • Employees shall accomplish all responsibilities with the utmost professionalism and integrity.
  • Shareholders shall only profit with integrity.
  • Relationships and collaborations shall be built on professionalism and integrity.



To create positive mindsets internally that has strong beliefs in all potentials, and to invite positive perceptions externally.

  • Leadership shall manage with a positive approach.
  • Products shall be marketed and delivered in good faith to fulfil client expectations and invite continuous client beliefs.
  • As a result of thinking and acting positively, employees shall be proactive, happy and with good initiatives.
  • Shareholders shall dare to take risks to explore and attempt new ideas, new approaches and new projects.
  • Relationships and collaborations shall be built with good faith and win-win mindsets.



To establish a working environment that is likened to a warm family setting in terms of people and workplace.

  • Leadership shall manage and nurture team members like family members.
  • Clients shall enjoy the synergistic values of our products, delivered within a warm, safe and secured environment.
  • Employees shall build effective working relationships through mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual support,  effective communications and team work.
  • Shareholders shall offer a conducive workplace and an environment where the lives and properties of clients and employees are safe and secure.
  • Differences in individuals shall be recognised and celebrated so that each individual has an equal opportunity to succeed and free from any form of discrimination.



To cultivate and establish a continuous learning culture that fuels innovation, as the engine of sustainable growth.

  • Leadership shall drive learning and innovation as well as nurture an environment where learning, innovation and new ideas are inspired.
  • Clients shall enjoy our products that are continuously being enhanced.
  • Employees shall be passionate about and embrace learning and innovation for collective and personal sustainable growth.
  • Shareholders shall invest in learning and innovation for sustainable and continuous growth.
  • The organisation shall recognise and collaborate effectively with entities that support learning and innovations.



To nurture and practise the spirit of humility, recognising that excellence is a process and not a destination.

  • A confident yet humble approach shall be practised in leadership, management, operations, relationship building and the delivery of products to clients.
  • Contributions and values of clients, employees, shareholders and partners shall be appreciated and successes are shared.
  • People shall be self aware, be appreciative of life at present and be willing to contribute towards community services or charitable work.
  • Nature and natural resources shall be respected and appreciated through  environmental preservation initiatives.
  • Collectively we strive to be a responsible global citizen, recognising our roles of playing a part in the enhancement of quality of life and humanity.


In Brief

To hold integrity at heart, approach matters with a positive mindset, operate in a family-liked environment, have innovativity to drive the engine of growth, with the spirit of humility.

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