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Having its origin as the information technology department enabling our growth from within, the software and hardware engineering team has been expanded to extend its products and services to the business community. Through Priority Resources Sdn. Bhd., off-the-shelf ready solutions can be seamlessly deployed, either as a complete and integrated suite of on a modular basis, depending on business needs and financial considerations; solutions can be effectively customised to tailor for the specific needs of businesses with even better fit hence ensuring cost effectiveness. Technical engineers are equipped to setup, manage or operate an effective information technology environment of any size.

The information service & software solutions division commits to create values for its customers in terms of improving business process efficiency, using data for business improvement more effectively or embracing the advancement of technologies for its business strategies.

We offer
Customised Applications
Total Management Suite
Logistics Management Suite
e-campaign Solutions
Data Management & Systems Integrations
IT Infrastructure Setup & Management
Technical Support Services
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